Center for integrative genomics at Berkeley

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Center for Integrative Genomics!
The Center for Integrative Genomics at Berkeley is a research center bringing together researchers from several traditionally isolated fields of study to analyze and compare the genome sequences of a broad spectrum of organisms to determine the mechanisms responsible for evolutionary diversity among animals, plants and microbes.

Faculty at the Center are drawn from a number of academic departments at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, including molecular and cellular biology, integrative biology, statistics, computer science, bioengineering, plant and microbial biology, biostatistics, mathematics, physics, and public health.

One of the Center's primary objectives is to decode regulatory DNA - the regions of the genome that control gene expression - and the protein factors that bind to them. By understanding how a common set of genes is deployed differently in various organisms, we hope to reveal the mechanisms of evolution. Many of our projects involve the study of the organisms shown above. Click on one to find out more.

Mailing address:
UC Berkeley MCB
CIG 142 LSA #3200
Berkeley, CA 94720-3200

Fax: 510-643-5785

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